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Do you have unused benefits??

Dear Patient,

I hope this letter finds you well and you are enjoying this pleasant autumn!  As the end of the year quickly approaches, we like to remind our patients to get the most out of their insurance benefits before the new year begins.  If you have health insurance, there is a possibility you still have some unused insurance benefits.  This is also a great time to explain a few key things regarding your insurance coverage:

  • Deductibles / Out of Pocket Max - Deductibles and out of pocket maximums typically reset at the beginning of the new year.  If you have met your deductible or out of pocket maximum, treatment now will cost you significantly less than if you wait until next year.

  • Visit Limits and Benefit Maximums - Many insurance plans have a maximum number of visits or dollar amount they will pay for chiropractic care.  Any unused visits or benefit amounts do not roll over to the next year.  Use ‘em or lose ‘em!!

  • Flexible Spending Accounts - Money put into flexible spending accounts does not roll over to the next year.  Often you can use this flex money on additional treatments not covered by your insurance (such as massage therapy) if it is recommended by your doctor.  We are happy to write letters of necessity if needed.

  • Medical Necessity - Keep in mind that even if you do have unused benefits, you can’t just use them for the sake of using them.  All treatment billed to your insurance must be “medically necessary”.  Basically this means that treatment for general wellness or maintenance is not covered by insurance.  However, if you have any aches or pains or activity restriction you are entitled to seek treatment under your insurance plan.

If you have been meaning to come in, please schedule your chiropractic appointment before year’s end.  If you’re unsure about your insurance coverage, call us and we can check for you!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your appointment please call (612) 333-9144 or email us at frontdesk@downtownmplschiro.com .

Best regards

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